2 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Having New Storefront Glass Installed For Your Retail Shop

When you have a retail shop with a large glass storefront, the window often gives the first impression of your store to potential customers. If the window is dull, scratched, and damaged, their impression may not be the greatest, so you should consider having a new one installed.

However, the installation process involves more than simply putting in a sheet of glass since you will need to decide on what type of window you need. To help you navigate through what options you should choose, start by asking yourself a couple of questions before having new storefront glass professionally installed for your retail shop.

1. How Much Natural Light Do You Want Coming Through the Window into Your Shop?

One question you should ask yourself when deciding what type of window you want to be installed on your shop's storefront has to do with the light that filters through the glass. While standard glass is clear and allows for full natural light, you may not want the full force of the sun's rays coming through the window which can make your products fade or blind your customers.

If you still want to have your products on display for people passing by your shop, you should choose glass that is tinted with a UV-resistant film. Or, if you do not need to have your products on full display, privacy glass that partially blocks the view but still lets in natural light is an option.

2. Is Your Shop Located in an Area Where Glass Breakage Has an Increased Risk of Occurring?

Another question you should ask yourself before choosing a storefront window for professional installation has to do with how the shop's location may affect the glass. If you are close to a main road or in an area that is commonly subjected to severe storms, the risk of glass breakage is increased.

To help protect against breakage, you may want to select tempered security glass. The security glass's film holds the shattered glass pieces in place, while the tempered glass breaks in a way that the edges are rounded to reduce the risk of serious cuts.

Along with deciding the amount of tinting you want for the glass and whether the window should be made from tempered security glass, there are other options available for your storefront. You can also decide how energy-efficient you want the glass to be to decide how many panes the glass should have, and whether the window should be gas-filled to add an extra barrier from the outdoor air. For more information about available options, contact a business like Boulevard Glass & Metal Inc, that offers commercial glass installation services to speak with a representative who can help you.