Replacing Your Car's Damaged Windshield

Your car's windshield can be one of its most exposed and vulnerable parts. As a result, replacing the windshield is a common type of repair that many vehicle owners will eventually need to complete.

Deep Chips Can Lead To A Windshield Needing To Be Replaced

Replacing a windshield due to a chip in it may seem excessive. Unfortunately, a deep chip in your windshield can be an issue that may permanently weaken the glass. This type of chip can quickly become sprawling cracks that may weaken the glass and impair your vision. Car owners often fail to realize this threat until cracks spread from the chip. While replacing the windshield can be a major repair for this type of damage, it will provide a permanent solution for restoring the integrity of the glass.

Poor Installation Work Can Lead To Water Intrusion In The Car's Cabin

An incorrect windshield installation can let water intrude into the cabin. More specifically, this may result from small gaps around the edge of the windshield or poorly placed weatherstripping. The water intrusion into the cabin can cause considerable problems for the vehicle. The persistent moisture can allow mold to grow, and it may also damage the vehicle's electronics. An incorrectly installed windshield can create a loud wind noise when the car is in motion, and this can be one warning sign that the windshield needs servicing. Individuals installing their new windshields without professional help is a common source of these problems. An experienced windshield replacement technician can ensure that the replacement glass is the right size for your vehicle and correctly placed on the frame. Furthermore, the technician can use a waterproof sealant to create an additional layer of protection.

You Should Avoid Driving For Several Hours After Replacing The Windshield

After replacing the windshield, you must wait several hours before driving the car. Waiting to drive the vehicle is necessary for giving the sealant and adhesive enough time to set. When individuals drive the car before enough time has passed, the windshield may be more prone to shifting positions. If this occurs, vibrations could create gaps or the windshield may loosen. Unfortunately, resetting the windshield to address these issues may require removing it from the frame. In addition to being disruptive, this could also be an unnecessary additional cost that you might have to pay. By simply making it a point to wait to drive the vehicle until the recommended amount of time has passed, you can avoid encountering these problems with your new windshield. 

For more info about windshield replacement, contact a local company.