Care And Maintenance Of A Sunroom's Patio Glass Panels

One of the best additions you can make to your house is to add an attached sunroom. Sunrooms go by many names, including solarium or greenhouse, depending upon how the homeowner utilizes them.  

For example, if you love to garden and grow your vegetables but don't live in an area with a long enough growing season, using a sunroom as a greenhouse is a fantastic place to start your plants before you put them outdoors. Additionally, solariums are great for growing houseplants due to their overabundance of natural light.

Another way sunrooms are utilized is to erect them over a swimming pool or hot tub. Doing so allows you and your family to enjoy many days and nights around the pool without dealing with excessive outdoor temperatures or other irritants, such as flying insects.

If you love the idea of  a sunroom but are concerned about how to care for the glass panels, here is everything you need to know:

Cleaning and Maintaining Interior Patio Glass Panels

Cleaning the interior glass on your patio enclosure is as simple as cleaning any other window in your home. Simply spray the glass panel with glass cleaner or a solution of vinegar and water, and dry the glass with either a lint-free cloth or squeegee. After cleaning the glass panels, use a damp cloth to wipe any dust or dirt off the frames. 

Cleaning and Maintaining Exterior Patio Glass Panels

Cleaning the exterior glass on your patio enclosure will require more work. As the glass is subjected to the weather, it will invariably collect dirt and other grime, such as bird waste. To remove most of the dirt, you should hose down the patio enclosure with your garden hose. An adjustable sprayer on your hose will make this process much more manageable.

Never use a pressure washer on glass panels! While the pressure washer will not damage the glass, it will damage the window seals and frame structure.

You can buy a container of glass cleaner at your local hardware store that is designed to connect to your garden hose to clean exterior windows. These glass cleaning products work very well and make the job simple, quick, and risk-free.

Simply connect the glass cleaner to your garden hose and wash down the entire glass enclosure. The glass cleaner will ensure the glass dries clear without any streaks, making drying it by hand unnecessary. As an added bonus, the glass cleaning solution in the container will also do an excellent job on the frame and save you from having to clean it by hand.

Contact a local patio glass service to learn more.