4 Trendy Glass Options For Your Frameless Shower Doors

Installing frameless shower doors in your remodeled shower space transforms the bathroom look dramatically. Glass shower doors add a sense of freedom and make your bathrooms feel airier. Indeed, these doors help you accentuate other bathroom fixtures and tones with flair.

Even though you want to give your bath space a sleek and refined appearance, you must sift through many glass options. Ideally, these doors are cut out of tempered glass to enhance safety. You must choose between glass doors that emphasize crystal-clean themes or added privacy. 

Before you pick a custom glass option, here are some glass options that create impressive frameless shower doors.

Clear Glass

If you fancy pristine looks and brilliant light in your shower, clear glass is your ideal choice. Ultra-clean glass amplifies natural light and makes your bathroom look bigger. This option works well for bathrooms with different styles, décor, and accents. The glass doesn't have texture, and it highlights smudges or streaks to help you maintain hygiene levels. 

If you want to show off the enticing tilework inside your shower, clear glass allows you to showcase the most exemplary aspects of the bathroom. If you've updated your shower to keep up with the trends, this glass option blends in with your preferred taste perfectly.

Low Iron Glass

If you want to reap the benefits of clear glass, the low iron option offers additional clarity and beauty. Manufacturers use a low iron mix to refine the superficial green tint seen in clear glass. This allows you to showcase beautiful tile backgrounds in their true colors. 

If you want a uniform look inside the bathroom, low iron glass doesn't distort background colors. Instead, it maximizes natural light and allows you to bathe in brightly illuminated space. In addition, the glass doesn't come with patterns to conceal spots, stains, and streaks. This enables you to observe regular cleaning for a spotless bathroom.

Frosted Glass

Bathroom privacy is a concern for families with kids. Luckily, frosted glass provides a lasting solution. The glass is etched on one side to give it a translucent appearance. When installed, it allows adequate light entry while giving you all the privacy you need. 

Frosted glass is popular for homeowners looking for low-maintenance frameless shower doors. If you have spacious bathrooms and want to create a cozy environment, translucent glass is your best bet. What's more, frosted glass obscures smudges and streaks, meaning you don't have to clean it daily.

Rain Glass

Like the name suggests, rain glass comes with patterns that resemble dripping raindrops. It offers a decorative effect and blends well with any bathroom décor. Rain glass suits frameless shower doors in expansive bathrooms since it allows ample light without exaggerating the size.

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